After-school club

Time to play

We provide after school service for Nelson Primary and St Edmunds Primary schools in Whitton, Twickenham. We operate a walking bus safely and secure across our field leading us straight into Nelson school playing fields. St Edmunds children cross safely with our staff at the zebra crossing, and access straight into Nelson school, across the rear end of the school to the field area back to FrizzKids. Once on the premises the children follow the rules and the boundaries set to stay safe and have FUN!

The after-school club routine

Each session follows a similar routine:

  • Staff collect children from St Edmunds and Nelson Primary schools
  • Healthy snacks and a hot evening meal is provided
  • Staff support children in planning their own activities, which may include games, art & craft, and cooking
  • Home time. Parents/carers collect via the secure gate.